Friday, March 30, 2007

Awesome Dream I Had Last Night

I know blogging about dreams is pretty lame ... But I felt that this read like short fiction, so I thought I'd be lame anyway. Enjoy!


I was living in what seemed to be my current apartment, but which uncharacteristically had a rooftop deck with a pool and jacuzzi. When I went up there to check it out, and all of my friends were. It was my surprise party - for no reason in particular, but it was great.

Soon after, a man raced across the roof. Sensing that he was after me, I ran from him. The chase ended on a small terrace at the corner of a roof. The man stopped, holding out a book-sized electronic device with colorful LCD panels and flashing buttons. The man was Sean Connery.

"Tell me how to work this thing," he demanded.

I looked at the device. Instantly I knew how it navigate its menus, and instructed Mr. Connery to "Hit YES, now NO, press the red button, now enter a code, hit ENTER and press NO."

The words "BIOLOGICAL WEAPON RELEASE TERMINATED" flashed in bright letters on the screen. We looked at each other, victorious.

"You've just won the American Express Challenge," he said.

I turned around to see a small camera crew behind us. I wasn't surprised, because I had known all along that it couldn't have been a real emergency if Sean Connery was involved. It seemed that this was some sort of guerilla marketing campaign where scenes from movies were reenacted and made into reality TV style commericals. "It's my surprise party, you know," I told Mr. Connery.

We went back to my friends in the jacuzzi. "Look, it's Sean Connery," I told them, "and I've just won the American Express Challenge!"

Everyone was all "Wow!" and "Sean Connery!" and "What did you win?" I got into the jacuzzi, completely fulfilled.

Then I woke up. But life is still good, Sean Connery or not.

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