Friday, August 10, 2007

5-7-5 Alive

I went through a phase about a year back where I would write a lot of haikus. I still love writing haikus, but lately I've been several syllables over. I figured I'd post one haiku from my collection every day or so until I a) run out, b) change my mind, c) forget my plan, or d) am forced to stop by a parade of rabid baboon-giraffe hybrids. You know, whatever happens first. In attempt to avoid my continued regurgitation of excess syllables, I present the first of my collection:

1. 50-50 Haiku

Half empty half full
This boy is the saddest boy
At happy hour

(Click here to view all haikus in this series.)

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sheribomb said...

Please let me reiterate:
As I continue to post my haikus, I'll note that they will likely disappoint any haiku purists. My haikus are more like tiny, prescribed pieces of prose rather than those which fit within the ancient artform. That said, I am still having fun sticking with the American haiku convention, where it's all about the 5-7-5 and the plural of "haiku" is "haikus". Haiku purists, please forgive me.