Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finished with NaNo, essays and Vegas (for now)

I thought I'd post here that I am an official NaNoWriMo 2007 winner. Hooray! I should say, though, that it is really just Novel v1.0 right now. The experience has helped me to better understand the noveling process and I will definitely be adding to, revising and editing my novel, in the hopes that I will eventually come out of this with a finished product. There have been requests from some of my buddies for a plot summary, excerpt, first draft, etc. To you lovely people I say, thank you for your support and your willingness to humor me. I'll post a plot summary and/or excerpt here one day. As far as a first draft is concerned, I'm not the type to present an unfinished product to anyone, even if it is just an unfinished first draft. By that I mean that there are glaring things that I know need to be edited. I would prefer to fix these things before presenting it to someone, so that any feedback I may receive is more constructive than a discussion of the obvious flaws. But again, to those who offered, thank you for your willingness to read your reality-challenged friend's unpublished manuscript. It's absolutely wonderful to have such generous friends.

I'm also done with two personal essays that I wrote this semester for a writing class. I truly enjoyed learning more about the process of writing creative nonfiction, and I'm pretty happy with what I produced thanks to the guidance and feedback from my talented professor and classmates. I think they will need one or two more polishes, and then I am going to submit at least one of them to a few places to see what I can get published. Because hey, why not?

And Vegas... You were fun. There's nothing I like better than spending time off with fun people, especially with fun places to spend it. But really, you are in the middle of the desert. Your whole personality is indulgent, unsustainable and materialistic. Although I can handle you for two, maybe three days at a time, you engaged me for too long this time and I've had enough. We need a break. Maybe the time will be right for us in another few years; it's not just you, it's me. I'd wish you the best of luck, but I guess the odds are always stacked in your favor anyway.

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