Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gotta Clean Up These Streets

American Apparel will never smell the same again. [Haiku: Those hipster hobos / keep hitching on handlebars / and spilling their beans]

This haiku was inspired by a conversation about hobos on bicycles. Words and doodle by me.

Possibly related haiku:
Marginal Success
Typical Saturday
A Night in Dingle

ALSO: I was one of the runners up in Gama-Go's haiku contest. In my haiku, I meld five of their characters and an elementary school song into seventeen syllables, and my byline is spelled rather incorrectly.

AND: I remixed a Garfield comic into haiku format for Square Root of Minus Garfield. The results were posted yesterday, along with my fantastical explanation of its artistic merit. Check it out!

NOT TO MENTION: On Sunday, I went to the Philly Alt-Comic Con with Sticky Comics. We met tons of awesome people, bought cool swag and sold stuff from Ten East Read. Excellent times were had.

AND ALSO: Eric and I designed a new shirt, the Birthday Awesome shirt. It's ideal for every day and for special occasions, too. Get 'em at Ten East Read!

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